November 12, 2012

What Would You Say You Do Here?

I see a lot of resumes that seem to have been the victim of an unfortunate thesaurus attack.

How do you say "manage"?  Let me count the ways...

administer, advocate, boss, call the shots, call upon, captain, care for, carry on, command, concert, conduct, counsel, designate, direct, disburse, dominate, engage in, engineer, execute, govern, guide, handle, head, hold down, influence, instruct, maintain, manipulate, minister, officiate, operate, oversee, pilot, ply, preside, regulate, request, rule, run, run the show, steer, superintend, supervise, take care of, take over, take the helm, train, use, watch, watch over, wield


Be picky with your verbs!  Don't use the synonym tool in Word, or you'll end up saying manipulate when you mean manage.  Hiring managers aren't looking for the fanciest 10-cent words, they want a clear understanding of the things you do.

Here's a long list of resume action verbs from Boston College's Career Services website.  Choose wisely.


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