April 4, 2012

Sucking the Life out of Your Coworkers

I caught Office Space on Comedy Central when I should have been cleaning the bathroom this weekend.  It's just one of those things that I watch whenever it's on. It never gets old (like Slap Shot, a seriously underrated classic).

I think anyone who has ever worked anywhere for any amount of time can identify with some part of this movie.  This is the part that speaks to me:

Do you know someone like this?  I DO.  Working with him (or her!) is every bit as painful and soul-crushing as the exchange in this clip.  I don't feel energized by our interactions, just annoyed and tired.

And the worst part?  That person will never for one moment think, "Hey, maybe I'm the Lundberg in this office."  Lundbergs rarely possess the gift of self-awareness.

So I'll ask:  are you the Lundberg?  Do you...

  • Try to wear down your coworkers instead of winning them over?
  • Beat a dead horse?
  • Ask lots of questions when the information you need is readily accessible?  You just don't feel like reading the email?
  • Use passive aggressive language instead of coming right out with the message?
  • Schedule lots of meetings when you could maybe just exchange a few instant messages or stop by their office?
  • Pounce on coworkers the minute they walk in the door?
  • Wait until they are leaving at night to start a long, involved conversation or hand out assignments?
  • Neglect to keep your calendar up-to-date, making it necessary to reschedule meetings several times?
  • Neglect to create/read agendas before meetings? 
  • Answer your phone/emails/texts during meetings? 

Super funny movie - until it's happening to you, and worse yet if you are the guilty party.  Be the person that others want to engage.

OK - bonus clip from Slap Shot (NSFW for colorful language):

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