April 11, 2012

Do I Have the 3rd Least Awesome Job in America?

Gawker thinks I do.  And when they put it in these terms...well, yeah:

Here's what I'd like to be doing, sitting in a glorified cubicle that I call an "office" because I scotch-taped Saran Wrap around it on all sides, listening to people in my same boring office complaining about how the medical plan doesn't pay enough money for their new glasses frames. Sounds like a dream job to me, yeah. I'm being sarcastic ("The Most and Lease Awesome Jobs in America 2012").

CareerCast, on the other hand, thinks I have the 3rd best job in America ("Jobs Rated 2012: Ranking 200 Jobs from Best to Worst").  WOO HOO!

So I'm feeling pretty good, until I get to the part where they rate my stress level as exceptionally low.  Apparently what I do every day is hang out, play with puppies, and eat ice cream.  NOT.

But the factors that determine the level of stress are things like:
  • Travel
  • Physical Demands (stoop, climb, etc.)
  • Hazards Encountered
  • Own Life at Risk
  • Life of Another at Risk

OK OK - I guess I don't have too much to complain about, especially when you compare my job to the worst job on the list.  At #200...Lumberjack!

Others in the bottom 10 include Butcher, Waiter/Waitress, Oil Rig Worker, and Enlisted Solider.  Yeah.  My cushy reclining chair in the Complaint Department is looking better and better.

For the record, I have a real office, though the walls could be thicker and I'm thinking of installing a peephole in the door.

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