April 19, 2012

Come for the Corgis, Stay for the HR!

I maded this myself.

It's weird to see the search words and phrases that bring people to this website.

My favorite today is "are hr busy."

Answer:  Yes, HR are very busy.

Other things I have learned:

  • People really want to see a "Corgi on stilts."  "Corgi in stilts."  "Corgi up on stilts."  "Coorgi stilts."  Seriously, the corgi post continues to be CRAZY popular.  That makes me kinda sad.  Come for the corgi, stay for the HR!
  • "Awful Human Resources" is another popular search term.  People really don't like HR.
  • "Meeting with HR" - for people who really do have a meeting with HR and are shitting themselves over it.  Which they should, because HR is awful.  

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