March 21, 2012

Giving Your Facebook Password to Potential Employers

"Potential Employers Now Have the Nerve to Ask for Applicants' Facebook Passwords" (via Consumerist)

I refuse to believe this is A Thing.

I think it happened to a few people and the stories made their way to the innernets and it has suddenly taken off as A Trend.

Which it's not.  Unclutch your pearls.

No employer you want to work for will ask for this information. If you are ever asked for your Facebook password (and you won't be), politely decline and end the conversation.  It's probably some dude who wants to see what you wore on Spring Break.  Gross (reminds me of some other recent insanity.  Perverts and jagoffs, the lot of 'em).

For employers, I think a cursory google search is fair game - so is a criminal background check and calls with the candidate's references.  Honestly and truly, I don't care what kind of stuff you get up to in your free time as long as it's a) legal and b) won't make my company look bad.

For candidates, please don't assume that anything you put online is private.  It's not.  Even if it's behind a password and locked down for friends, it is not private.  And even if an employer doesn't cop to turning you down because of something they found online, why chance it?  Keep it clean, kids.


  1. Password should not be revealed to anyone else, it may create unnecessary problems.Interview Questions

  2. I agree with you most of the people will reveal their passwords to their friends as they feel them as they are close and never reveal their data!