February 7, 2012

Helicopter Parents (Unwisely) Take it to a Whole New Level

"With millennial children now in their 20s, more helicopter parents are showing up in the workplace, sometimes even phoning human resources managers to advocate on their child's behalf" (Helicopter Parents Hover in the Workplace via NPR).

If I wasn't in Human Resources, I would call shenanigans on this story - b
ut I see it ALL THE TIME.

Once more, with feeling:  don't let your parents send resumes on your behalf, and don't let them make phone calls to the hiring manager or HR department.  A call from Mom is a major red flag, and pretty much guarantees that you won't make the cut.

But what angers me most about this article is that someone is actually catering to these lunatics:  

"Enterprise is happy to send parents the same recruitment packages it sends their children. And when Enterprise interns present their final projects and are considering full-time positions, parents are invited in."

IS THIS FOR REAL?  I just...I don't...is that a telephone ringing?  Why is everything suddenly so cold?

Listen.  This is not okay.  No one will take you seriously if you can't stand on your own two feet.

Now enjoy this clip from Portlandia:


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