February 17, 2012

Everyone makes mistakes

“Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts.” 

Jim Morrison
"I've made a huge mistake."

That kind of has nothing to do with the topic, but it made me laugh, and it sure beats that tired Pope quote: "To err is human, blah blah blah."   Is how I remember it.

Sometimes I'm really hard on my coworkers.  I get disappointed when they don't meet deadlines, when they don't read my emails carefully and then they ask questions about the very thing I just spelled out in great detail.

Sometimes (like today!) I'm on the other end of this.  I'm totally overwhelmed.  I didn't pay attention to an email and responded with bad information.  In turn, my coworker sent me an irritating email about communication skills.  I saw him in the kitchen this morning and said, "Good thing we're not saving lives, huh?" (when I really felt like saying "STOP BEING MEAN TO MEEEE!")

If you expect the people in your life to be forgiving, patient, and compassionate then you should try doing the same.

It's Friday, you guys.  Be nice to each other.

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